After a brief hiatus, my improv class started again last night. Seeing my friends again, getting up on stage and committing to the here-and-now, and just letting go of all the background noise reminded me of how grateful I am to have wandered into that first improv class in September and to have stuck with it.

Improv forces me to behave in the exact opposite way from what is normal for E.J. It forces me to change my perspective and to think about the world differently. I pride myself on being level-headed, especially under pressure, but to succeed in improv you need to (appear to) do the complete opposite. The best scenes ask that the improviser react to what is going on around them and to feel big emotions. As someone who tends to bury my emotions and avoid confrontation, this proves challenging, to say the least. Forcing myself to make big decisions, to have emotional reactions, and to accept offers as they are given to me are aspects of improv that I try to carry over to my life off the stage.


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