Parklar ve rekreasyon.

I love the show, “Parks and Recreation.” It’s a feel good show, full of silly antics. It makes me laugh, but more than anything, I love it for its beautiful, strong, well-rounded characters.

I love Tom, because he reminds me that sometimes you just need to treat yo’self. Ben Wyatt is the nerdy boy after my own heart; also, he invented the Cones of Dunshire. Donna Meagle, because all that sass (too much sass for me to pick just one). I identify strongly with April Ludgate’s misanthropy. Ron Swanson, because:

I love the weird cast of smaller characters — Jean-Ralphio, Tammy I, Tammy II, anyone from Eagleton, Lil’ Sebastian. My greatest love is probably for Leslie Knope, because we are the same person.

Perhaps my most under-appreciated love is for Andy Dwyer. I don’t profess to love him like I profess to love Donna, Leslie, April, and Ron. Perhaps it is because we’re so different; I find less to identify with Andy than I do with the other characters. Or at least I thought I did. Until the beauty of the internet did what I could not do, and showed me that even though Andy and I are so different, he has uttered some eternal truths…

To be honest, this whole post was written because I found one Buzzfeed post I liked. But also, it is a teaser for something I will post when I have more time in the next week, about agreeing and disagreeing, and the power of the internet.


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