A day in the life.

6:00 am: Wake up; get dressed; pack up our gear

6:30 am: Pack up the trailer with everyone’s bags and our food bins; fill up the coolers; clean up the host site

7:00 am: Breakfast — either provided by the host or cereal/fruit/pastries/leftovers

7:30 am: Clean up breakfast; ABC check on the bikes (air pressure, brakes, chain); route meeting — go over the plan for the day, share facts about our next town, receive cue sheets with turn-by-turn directions

8:00 am: Roll out

The day is ours to ride and explore. We take in the scenery, stop for food/coffee/ice cream/thrift shops, explore parks/towns/monuments, and just enjoy America at 15 miles per hour.

One team leader drives the van each day, hauling all our gear and food and helping out in times of need. They are responsible for setting up the lunch spot and making sure the day goes smoothly.

Lunch is approximately halfway through the ride and usually consists of PB&J, fruit, chips, and leftovers. On days that are 90+-mile rides and/or over 90 degrees, we get two lunches at the one-thirds and two-thirds mark.

4:00 pm: Arrive at the host; unload the trailer; clean bikes; take showers and get settled for the night

6:00 pm: Dinner — either provided by the host or prepared by us

7:00 pm: Clean up from dinner; free time — read, write, sleep, hang out, explore the town

11:00 pm: Lights out.

Sleep. wake up. Repeat until one day begins to blend into the next.


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