Her zaman yorgunum.

Hello, dear readers. Sorry for the lack of updates on my bike riding life. I’m having fun and really enjoying the adventure. We left Ohio what feels like ages ago, but was really only a few weeks ago. Left the rain in Ohio, as well. Made our way across the flat states of Indiana and Illinois. Saw my parents in West Lafayette, IN (Boiler up!). Crossed the Mississippi River! Currently tackling the rolling hills of Iowa. Iowa is really beautiful and Iowans are very courteous drivers. So far, two thumbs up for Iowa.

As a result of all this fun and mayhem, I am constantly exhausted, so writing blog posts has fallen pretty far down my list of desirable evening activities… Sorry (but not really)

If you want to hear all about my Fourth (and other P2S adventures), mosey on over to the P2S15 blog. It is updated far more regularly than my own blog: https://bikeandbuildp2s15.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/july-4-lisbon-to-marshalltown-ia-happy-fourth-of-july/

As I’ve been spending many miles in the saddle, I’ve been percolating a few blog ideas. Look back for stories soon. That is, if I can rustle up the energy to actually write something.


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